Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've Missed You Dearly...

Crazy thing happened...a little thing called life. It overtook me when I wasn't looking, and all of's March 24. And I look forward to April 10, because that's my first free day in sight. How do we let ourselves get so busy?

Think on that one...and let me know what you come up with!

I've been painting a little..and I'll get to that later, but sister and I enjoyed a night out at the Brad Paisley concert, I heart him...alot! I went on vacation, got sick on vacation, came home from vacation sick. Planned and executed a surprise 40th birthday for a family friend who has often been like and acted like my big brother. I've been sifting my way through numerous projects at work. I cheered on the ETSU Bucs baseball team win against Tech (I know, probably sounds a little backwards, but I have cousin who plays for them and he is AWESOME!). Went with one of my besties Kayla as she shopped for her wedding dress. Celebrated my little cousin Preston's 3rd birthday. And now planning a ladies' luncheon to celebrate my mom's 60th it bad that this just made me tired thinking about it?

I think it hit me how busy I've been when I was going through my camera this afternoon and saw ALL the pictures from ALL of these events that I've done NOTHING with. They've not been printed. They've not been uploaded to Snapfish. They've not even been uploaded to Facebook!!! I AM. SO. FAR. BEHIND.

Therefore, I'm dedicating this blog post only to life. I'll get to painting later.

My sister and I had a great time at the Brad Paisley concert....he has the best visual show I've ever seen! Great performer, great musician, great guy.

Then....we went to Florida for a quick Disney extravaganza.
5 parks in 4 days...yep, we're hard core.

This was the first time that I had ever been to Disney's Animal Kingdom...and it's definitely something to see. Maybe not one that I would absolutely HAVE to go on the next trip, but still a good time. This was the ride of the best rollercoasters I've ever been on. FUN!

And this is the main focal point for the park....the Tree of Life, VERY VERY intricate work on this! Incredible carvings!! 

These are out of order...this was our first day can tell because we all look fresh and energized and totally ready for warm Florida weather....which we DID NOT get!! It was cold...and by the end of this day, we were all freezing and running to the nearest Target to buy warmer clothes!


And then there's me and Ann Marie, my roomie for the trip. Love her!

Then, I planned a Surprise 40th Birthday party for a
 wonderful family friend, Shane!!
Got back from Florida sick on a Tuesday night, stayed home sick Wednesday, back to work Thursday & Friday & party Saturday...whew!! Crazy week. 

These were my centerpieces on some of the tables...Blue stemmed martini glasses with blue water & floating candles, blue lame fabric (pronounced la-may...I can never figure out how to do that little accent mark thingy over the letter e...maybe one day), silver & blue beads, mini silver top hat, votive candles & mini mirrors..this was FUN to make!!!

Fast forward a few days later & the ETSU Buccaneers came to play at TTU. My cousin Bo, is the Bucs' starting third baseman & he is in action on the mound. 

Riley and Colin stood behind the fence while Bo was in the on-deck circle. Riley was telling Colin, "don't talk to him right now...he's batting." Soo cute! 

                                                  The boys with Bo after his big win!

                  Then it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!!!

 I think my very first blog was about these two babies....and here we are seven months later! Ben was born on Aug. 10 and Lorelei Aug. 11. She is a girly girl and well, he's wearing a camo cap he is ALL boy. Bundles of joy!

And that's what's been keeping me busy the last few weeks. This is why time flies...because you have a crammed packed calendar!! But I wouldn't trade any of it for the world! God has blessed me with some amazing people that surround me every day and has placed in front of me some truly wonderful opportunities! I am thankful..everyday.

OH!! I almost's two more from over a month ago. I blogged about this already too but have just recently gotten pics from it. The hospital sponsers a great event every February called, A Woman's Heart. It raises money to go towards women's heart health awareness and programs in the Upper Cumberland. As part of the event, there's always a fashion show featuring some hospital employees and I was beyond honored when I was asked to participate!! These are pics of me and other ladies that work at CRMC showing off our fancy faces!!

And now, that's really ALL I have to share! Most of this stuff hasn't even made it to Facebook yet! I'm working on that though. Just really felt like sharing my newest memories with you. Thanks for sticking with this long post til the end.

Next post...I promise....I'll show you some paintings, because believe it or not, I'm still doing those things! But like I said earlier, I'll get to that later. 

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