Thursday, February 3, 2011

That Groundhog Better Have Been Right!!

I'm tired of cold. We finally had a heat wave (above freezing temps) and a snow free weekend...has that happened since Thanksgiving...don't think so folks! And then BAM!! COOOOLLLLD....let's move on to May already!

There's not much I have to blog about. Work is crazy busy. Painting if finally slowing down. Planning a vacation for March. Planning something for our Mom's upcoming 60th birthday..something. Was completely honored to be a part of the hospital's "A Woman's Heart" event tonight. Getting things together for my dad's birthday, which just happens to be, oh wait, today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! And, such is my life. LOVING every minute!

 Just a little cute something I threw together for my sister just because I think she's a pretty great one!

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