Friday, February 25, 2011

How Does She Do That....

Ever wondered that? Well, it's not rocket science friends. In fact, I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I literally decided one day in July 2010, I'm going to start painting cutesy stuff. And I did. And it wasn't pretty. But I did it again. And again. And again. Before long...they started getting better. And apparently, some of you people thought they were pretty decent, because you've kept me SUPER busy since last fall! For that, thank you kindly!!

I've been wanting to share my process for making a painting for a while, but just haven't taken the time to do so....until now.

Basically, in one way, shape or form I receive an order..sometimes the order is specific but more times than not it says "just do whatever."


This particular one was requested to be placed in the halls of Cane Creek Elementary School to designate which room was the Parent Center.

Step 1: Sketch my "idea" on you can see I'm very specific in my paper details. It helps me see the color schemes and whether they're going to work together or not.

Step 2: Pull out the old measuring tape and start transferring my paper sketch to canvas. This takes time and is my LEAST favorite part...but it helps keep things centered.

             Same as the paper sketch....all my color placements are planned out.

Step 3: START PAINTING....there is no rhyme or reason, just trial and error as to where to start. For this one however, it was best to get the bigger stripes first then go back and get the narrow ones.

Step 4: Shading & Details...again, trial & error. Once you get it the way you like it, it makes ALL the difference in the world...almost as big of a difference the sealer makes!

Step 5: Write. ....That's all I can say. I typically start small with it and then paint around it until it gets bigger and proportionate and just looks right.

Just sit back and watch the paint dry.....literally.

 Step 6: Cut strips of ribbon and place on back of canvas at equal distances from the ends so that it will hang evenly.

Step 7: Secure ribbon with staple's about the closest thing to a power tool that I own but it surely does pack a punch!

Step 8: Bring ribbons together to tie a bow or knot.
Cut ends of ribbn to give flared look.

Step 9: My little personalization is added!

Step 10: Add top coat of gloss sealer which can take an "eh, its ok" canvas to a "THAT LOOKS GREAT!!" canvas. I'm telling's my lifesaver sometimes. There have been many times I've just not been pleased as I'm working on a piece until that sealer goes on and it just finishes it & makes it look complete!


I love doing pictures outside as often as I can because the natural light really brings out the true tints & hues in the colors.
They just POP and look oh so fresh!!!


So, there ya go! You're all set to do one for yourself...or if all else fails, I'm still here & taking orders & I'll do it for you!!

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