Sunday, January 16, 2011

How it all Began

First off.....Valentine's Day is coming...whether you like this holiday or's fun and it's frilly...just go with it. It's one day. And I just happen to have quite a bit of red and pink paints that need to be order something fun for someone - you know they'll love it!

Today's blog is all about family. Remember this sneak peak from a couple weeks back? It's the prelude to my life's journey of being in weddings.

 I loved doing this one because it was going to my sweet aunt Samantha for Christmas. Before our family even drew names for Christmas she pretty much made it known to whoever would draw her name...that she wanted a painting...ask and ye shall receive.

 This was the first wedding that I was in that started the maddness. I was 4 years old and at the Rehearsal...I had that flower girl job DOWN! But come wedding day...doors open and it was my turn and I froze just like a tongue to a light pole. I remember looking back at Samantha and her dad with probably the biggest look of fear I've ever had in my life and they started urging me to go on but I just couldn't move. So..there were some other family members sitting nearby and I snuck in the pew with them.

Now, being the sweet person she is, she allowed me to still be in all the pictures even though I certainly did not fulfill the duties that were assigned to the flower girl.

Just like all the other dresses, I still have that one. And I still think it's cute as a button, but my favorite feature then and still now...the tiny little bell that's sewn into the first layer of the dress. Just precious. I'll post a picture sometime!

 This I've never done...written on the back of a painting but since I knew who it was going to and since they have been such important people in my life...I wanted to leave a message for them. They're a wonderful family, Stanley, Samantha, Jared, Ann Marie & Sammy...a family full of love and laughter. My uncle picked a gem on January 16, 1988.

                                                  LOVE YOU ANDERSONS!!!!

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