Monday, January 24, 2011

All American Boys

So, when I first started painting last summer, the first "big" one that I did was for my oldest nephew, Riley, who just happens to be the Nashville Predators' BIGGEST.FAN.EVER.

Fittingly enough, he got one in Preds, this was a long, long time ago and I'm almost too embarrassed to show you how bad these circles were, but.....

Red faced and it is. At the time, I was soo proud of this one now I laugh and shake my head (smh...haha...inside joke). It's amazing what practice, at anything, can do for you.

This is how it fit PERFECTLY into his room...

 Now, this next one...well, let's just say Riley is "friends" with some of the Titans players. No seriously, they've been to so many meet & greet events that Coach Jeff Fisher and some players KNOW HIM and have brought him out on the practice field and played with him. So no pictures of Riley and me...his ONLY his room, but pictures of him and "his friends." What a ham.

Now, I promised I would make one for Colin's room also...but I had NO IDEA I would get so busy with orders orders everywhere! Fast forward 6 months and he finally gets one...

He said, "Colin's Sign!"

Annnnddd...just for the heck of it...two pics I just couldn't resist posting of these rascals.
The before.........

And after.

What little terrors. But I love them!!

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