Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More random fun!!!

I made this one a LOOOONNNG time ago, and just realized I never blogged about it. One of my best buds, Angela wanted two signs for each of her offices. This might need a smidge of explanation...she's a school nurse at two schools in Smyrna that are across the street from each other.
She's back and forth throughout the day. OK..we're all caught up now.
Anyways, this is the second one I made for her.

And ta-daaaa...here it is in its new home!! 

Yes, it's from a cell phone...but I just HAD to share!!

This was FUN break during all of my Christmas paintings! Ordered by a co-worker for her children's daycare...hope she and the kiddos enjoy!!

Check back soon....I'll be sharing pics of the order that terrified me when I received it!!

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