Friday, December 31, 2010

Cramming ALOT into December 31

2010....the year that FLEW by. I look back on everything that happened this past year and just CANNOT believe it all happened. Things that happened on this day last year are just still hard to grasp a hold of. Prayers always for my cousins Kathy, Amanda & Charity on this day. The Lord will never forsake you.

This was the LAST  and I mean VERY last Christmas themed painting for was delivered on the 21st just in time for a Dirty Santa gift swap game for the Accounting deptartment at the hospital. Again...Christmas Red and Wasabi green...can't go wrong. Love the ribbon too...mainly because it's a different pattern on each side!

And yes, that's "I Love Lucy" ornaments you see...because that's my "I Love Lucy" tree!! Yep, in my kitchen, a skinny tree packed with Lucy ornaments and anything red and pink that I can find that's flashy!! It's my fun tree!

Want some sneak peaks for 2011......

And, 4 days before Christmas, my friend Jenna & her husband Jonathan welcomed their son into the world!
Congrats Medley family!!

Many many blessings to you guys & Tucker Reed!

WHEW...that was alot of randomness..but sometimes those are the best kind! Best Wishes for 2011!!! See you all next year!

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