Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Remember This....

Yeah, so this was well over a month ago, BUT.....at least the update made it on here!!

Remember this polka dot Bible verse canvas....well, it was for our church's Bible Bowl banquet, which the kids studied the book of Exodus, so I pulled a verse they had studied to do the canvas. Now, my overall theme for the banquet...remember, I had a vision. Annnnd....it turned out super cute & colorful. Ready for it....it was a SKITTLES THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each table had either blue or orange with corresponding scrapbook paper as table runner then mason jars with wildflowers & votive candle holders with skittles and a candle.

So, you're supposed to look at the "BIG PICTURE" with all the colors  and flowers & lanterns...don't mind the paint splotches everywhere...the building was getting ready to be painted & we were trying to pick out a color.....so, there they are...hahahaahaha.

Everybody wrote little notes of encouragement & praise to the Bible Bowl kids & at the end of the night, I attached them to the back of the canvas in a collage style. It's now in the teens' room at our church. Hopefully, this will be a continued tradition for years to come!!

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