Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to School They Go

I almost dread the start of school after Fall, Christmas & Spring Breaks almost as much as I dread the start of school after Summer break. Not because I have to wrestle with kids in the morning getting them ready, fed, lunches packed, car loaded, etc etc...no, no, no...I'm too selfish to have kids of my own right now. (I'm very honest with myself. If you didnt' know this about me before....now, you do.)

It's because I have to fight the TRAFFIC on my way to work. I have options...I could A: Fight with 4 schools' traffic and the square or B: fight with just 3 schools' traffic, 10th St & Tech.....now...you tell me which is the winner??? AND, these crazy parent drivers.....I sometimes contemplate calling DCS in the mornings. Kids should NOT be subject to such behavior. I guess they're running late or something & driving stupid & acting stupid is an act to get them to their destinations on time? But at the sake of their kids', who are in the car with them, at the sake of their safety?? Who knows. I'm not a parent so maybe I don't have a dog in this fight...just an opinion.

Schools are out...I get to work in about 12-15 minutes. Schools are in....22-30 minutes. Ridiculous, but what am I gonna do, move? So, I'll deal.

I digress....back to painting....speaking of school......

This one if for Northeast Elementary School 3rd grade teacher, Christy Wilmoth, who is also a friend & honorary family member, she just fits right in with our crazy clan. She pretty much let me do whatever & wanted their school colors. They're a good combo so it turned out cute.

Hope you like it Christy!!!

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