Friday, October 29, 2010

The Monster Mash

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this time of year! Why you might ask...
1. It's officially sweatshirt and / or long sleeve t-shirt weather!
2. Look outside (if you're a proud Tennesseean)...and marvel in God's beautiful, colorful work!
3. Did someone say, hot chocolate & apple cider??
4. The World Series
6. Ahhh....that's crisp, clean air you're breathing.
7. Just because you're not a kid anymore, doesn't mean you still can't dress up & get all dolled up for Halloween.
8. UT Football, eh...let's not talk about how they're doing...we still watch & cheer them on. You do it, I do it, we all do it.
9. It's usually the start of a few months of good movies coming to theaters.
10. Opryland flips the switch for their Christmas celebrations.

and this goes on and on.....and you get the idea.

Well, they've got a Freeze warning out for tonight, so let's go run / walk a 5K in the morning!!!

I was excited / nervous when the organizers of this event asked me to donate 5 canvases to give away as doorprizes. I got them all done & wrapped & ready to's what I finished up since the last post.

This is another "blank" one that I'm leaving up to the creative mind of the lucky winner. Cannot wait to personalize this one!!

All wrapped up & ready to go!!

Want a chance to snatch one of these up.....come on out to Cane Creek Elementary tomorrow morning, 7am & register!!! A great time for families & activities for the kiddos!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gettin' Ready for the Spooks

I'm not sure why, but my grandma, Ma, always referred to Trick or Treaters as "the spooks". Bless her. She is the ABSOLUTE best and on another day...I'm going to tell you ALL about her!!

Anyways, I'm trying to get ready for all things Halloween this weekend. I thought I had a good grip on it this year, but I'm starting to realize....I've got several things left to do. Yay for accidental procrastination.

In the meantime....

I've been finishing up 5 canvases for the Cane Creek Creepy Crawl & 5K Family Fun Run on Saturday. Here's a sneak peak at what's done...

The lucky winner of this one is in for a treat!!! I left this one blank so that it could be personalized however the winner would like. I'm SUPER excited to see who gets this one!!!

I love brown. If you know me, you know I love brown. And pumpkins. And oh how those two things just go hand in hand!!!

I'll put up more pics this week the closer we get to race day. BUT...if you want a chance at these cute little fall pieces....join us Saturday morning at 7am at Cane Creek Elementary School for their annual 5K!!! Can't win if you're not there!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to School They Go

I almost dread the start of school after Fall, Christmas & Spring Breaks almost as much as I dread the start of school after Summer break. Not because I have to wrestle with kids in the morning getting them ready, fed, lunches packed, car loaded, etc, no, no...I'm too selfish to have kids of my own right now. (I'm very honest with myself. If you didnt' know this about me, you do.)

It's because I have to fight the TRAFFIC on my way to work. I have options...I could A: Fight with 4 schools' traffic and the square or B: fight with just 3 schools' traffic, 10th St & tell me which is the winner??? AND, these crazy parent drivers.....I sometimes contemplate calling DCS in the mornings. Kids should NOT be subject to such behavior. I guess they're running late or something & driving stupid & acting stupid is an act to get them to their destinations on time? But at the sake of their kids', who are in the car with them, at the sake of their safety?? Who knows. I'm not a parent so maybe I don't have a dog in this fight...just an opinion.

Schools are out...I get to work in about 12-15 minutes. Schools are in....22-30 minutes. Ridiculous, but what am I gonna do, move? So, I'll deal.

I digress....back to painting....speaking of school......

This one if for Northeast Elementary School 3rd grade teacher, Christy Wilmoth, who is also a friend & honorary family member, she just fits right in with our crazy clan. She pretty much let me do whatever & wanted their school colors. They're a good combo so it turned out cute.

Hope you like it Christy!!!

Remember This....

Yeah, so this was well over a month ago, least the update made it on here!!

Remember this polka dot Bible verse canvas....well, it was for our church's Bible Bowl banquet, which the kids studied the book of Exodus, so I pulled a verse they had studied to do the canvas. Now, my overall theme for the banquet...remember, I had a vision. turned out super cute & colorful. Ready for was a SKITTLES THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each table had either blue or orange with corresponding scrapbook paper as table runner then mason jars with wildflowers & votive candle holders with skittles and a candle.

So, you're supposed to look at the "BIG PICTURE" with all the colors  and flowers & lanterns...don't mind the paint splotches everywhere...the building was getting ready to be painted & we were trying to pick out a, there they are...hahahaahaha.

Everybody wrote little notes of encouragement & praise to the Bible Bowl kids & at the end of the night, I attached them to the back of the canvas in a collage style. It's now in the teens' room at our church. Hopefully, this will be a continued tradition for years to come!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cats, Candy Corn & Clinics

Three things I never thought to blog about together...but here ya go!

I don't like drawing animals or people - let alone paint them. I'm not good at it, never have been...don't like it. But leave it to my dad to challenge me to do a "halloween cat" canvas, as he called it. Granted, he sketched it out on paper to begin with but...he left the rest to me. This is how it turned out.

So...I got this one done only to have my dad say, "So, I was could do a whole series of cats on the know, for every season." Then he proceeded to share a year's worth of sketches to me. My sweet dad. Bless him. And where his "idea" has come from with cats?????? Your guess is as good as mine.


 These make cute little quick gifts for anybody!!!

 One of my BESTEST GAL PALS, Angela is a school nurse for 2 schools in Smyrna, TN. She wanted a canvas to put up at each clinic and gave me the green light to do WHATEVER I wanted!!!!!!!!!! Oh, freedom, how I LOVE thee!! I've been dying to do something with "tiffany blue" & red, so I thought this was my perfect opportunity!!! However, for some reason it reminds me of the circus??? Do you see it?

 The camera does not do justice to how well these two colors work together! LOVING THEM!!

Ok, so I've got a few knocked off my list....but have several to go. Check back....I'm busting out SEVERAL fall orders everynight!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!!!!!

After many, many, many miles spent in the air and the road....I am back & ready to knock some of these orders out! They are piling up may I suggest, if you have anything "Christmas" related in mind, for yourself or for might want to get a headstart on it & get the order in soon!

I'll post pics in the next few days of canvases I'm catching up on!!

BUT FOR NOW, DRUMROLL PLEASE..................

The International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque,
New Mexico!!!!!!!!!

I know now why it's dubbed as the most photographed event in the world!

C'mon sing with me....."Well, I'm standing on a corner in...."
The Grand Canyon.....

What a trip of experiences!!