Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Said Weekends Were For Relaxing???

Bible Bowl is bright & early tomorrow morning!!! I know our kids at church have worked so hard studying the book of Exodus....they will do great tomorrow!!

But first, let's stop by work to pickup all of the "several items", as the voicemail said, that I won in the Silent Auction held today. Can't wait to see the junk what all I got!! (Might need to take a truck!)

Let's throw in a Baby Shower for Beth Stone & Kelby Jane, who I know will be as gorgeous as her big brother. I hope this goes with her nursery...

NEXT, barring storms don't hinder us....let's go to the lake!!

THEN, Sunday night is our "Bible Bowl Banquet". In my head, my decorations and theme are gonna be great....but we'll just have to wait & see the final product come Sunday night. Here's a sneak peak of my theme....

WHEW!! I'll be glad to get back to work Monday so things will calm down!

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