Monday, September 13, 2010

God DOES INDEED laugh at your plans

Weekend turned out NOTHING like I had planned. Period.

But I take every bit of happiness from it because my dad is ok and the doctor was able to find the problem quickly & correct it right away!!! I know they sign my paychecks...but let me just say that Cookeville Regional Medical're not going to find a better hospital, from EVERY aspect of a healthcare facility. And, The Heart notch! Ever need a me, because I will sure indeed give you several!!

Dad has had his ups and downs with his health the past few years but I'm telling you, prayers are indeed answered. And just for that, we should all be so thankful!!
This is the LARGEST canvas I have far. It was a shower gift for a Cookeville couple getting married next weekend, obviously. I hear the bride is going to use it at their reception....that's flattering!!

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